sunnuntai 2. helmikuuta 2014

Aleksandran kuulumisia maailmalta

Aleksandra Blinnikka FIN-56
Short status report from last month:

1.I competed in New Year's Race - Bay of Cadiz in Raceboard class and I was 7th in overall! Was pitty that we only competed 2 days, but otherwise the weather was great and we had lots of fun! I still need to improve my sailing in planning conditions! Thanks to the committee and to Federacion Andaluza de Vela for the awesome organization and coaches for everything!

2.I competed in Campeonato de Andalucia in Raceboard class and and I was 5th in overall! Due of the lack of wind we did only 2 races but it was enough to win Curro Manchon in one of the races Big thanks to Ricardo Carracedo for the water support and to Club Nautico Sevilla for organizing the race and Anzuelo Restaurante for the WONDERFUL PASTA PARTIES!!

3.Yesterday I experimented an awesome new way of training; R&B! Next days I will be explaining a bit more about it

Tomorrow I will fly to Lanzarote with Curro & Blanca to train for 10 days Keep on tune! =)

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